Kratom Alkaloids

Before you can learn about Kratom Alkaloids, you need to understand how Kratom itself is broken down in your system. Kratom is digested by the alkaloids themselves are not activated until they reach the upper and lower digestive tract. Human bodies have something called MU receptors in our gut. That basically means that’s where opioid prescription pain killers are also activated and why Kratom works so well on pain. Both opioids and maeng da kratom use the same receptors, but both are extremely different in effects.

6873942040_8a1954ccc2There are two main alkaloids that the kratom therapists themselves seek out. They are mitragynine (the main reason for the scientific name) and 7-hydroxymitragynine (which is the main use of the plant). Both of these alkaloids work on receptors found deep in the human intestinal tract. These alkaloids bind to the “u receptors” responsible for reacting to opiate like pain killers. The effects of Kratom itself, however, do not replicate these effects. They, instead, mirror their cousin, the Coffee Tree and are noted to be stimulating and mentally invigorating. They are compared to having a double espresso and the effects they bring. However, as stated before, the Kratom Withdrawal symptoms do not come anywhere close to the level that caffeine withdrawals bring.

There are kratom extracts that are simply the Kratom Alkaloids themselves extracted from the plant material and the vendors that do carry these extracts have labeled them accordingly. The Kratom Alkaloid extracts are difficult to blend with because of the clumping issue they bring and the taste strengthens the already bitter flavor. Many people have a hard time being able to take Kratom Alkaloid extracts because of this.


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